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Participant Engagement Strategies eLearning Module

Participant Engagement Strategies eLearning Module

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$55.00 - Participant Engagement Strategies eLearning Module (Non-Member)

$40.00 - Participant Engagement Strategies eLearning Module (Member)

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This module will explore how to design learning to create the insight needed to engage the learner with information that produces meaning so the learner will apply the information for a change in performance.  Various engagement strategies for creating active learning will be provided so that you can create a collaborative, participative learning environment.
The goal of this module is to:
  • Provide strategies to impart information so that the learner retains and applies the new knowledge or skill back on the job to change performance and increase business results
  • Discuss communication strategies for content delivery with the intent for the learner to make a connection and achieve learning-to-performance results
  • Explore active training strategies that provide the learner with opportunities to practice the expected performance
  • Design activities for the learner to gain feedback and reflect on the training experience to induce a greater meaning that will impact on-the-job performance 
Enroll in individual modules or the 15-part LTEN eLearning Lounge micro-learning complete bundle.  
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